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The Inner Life Difference

Inner Life’s proprietary processing method is an environmentally-conscious way of upcycling crop leftovers from wheat straw to extract Arabinoxylan. Why is the upcycling part important? Because it means we are helping to dramatically reduce food waste by using the entire crop. Since Arabinoxylan is produced from a leftover crop, it also means that no extra farmland is dedicated to its production. Farmers benefit from a more complete harvest by utilizing the entire crop.

how Arabinoxylan becomes iced tea

Inner Life is the only Arabinoxylan-based prebiotic on the market. Arabinoxylan is a fully-soluble leaf fiber extract upcycled from wheat straw. It’s a gluten-free, prebiotic dietary fiber that promotes the growth of beneficial bifidobacteria in the gut.

We put Arabinoxylan into great-tasting, single serve packets that you can take with you anywhere. Since our delicious, ready-to-mix tea dissolves completely in water, you’ll never have to deal with a gritty or gelatinous texture when consuming your daily dose of prebiotics.

How we do it

Inner Life is the only prebiotic brand to use our proprietary hot water extraction process. We use steam and pressure to extract Arabinoxylan from upcycled wheat straw. After breaking down the wheat stalks, the results are rinsed, filtered, and dried. The Inner Life proprietary extraction process involves only hot water and a gentle filtering system to get to our final product; that means no chemicals, no enzymes, and no over-processing of our ingredients. Our end product is gluten-free, and rich in natural polyphenols.

how Arabinoxylan becomes iced tea

Superior Tolerability

We chose the prebiotic fiber Arabinoxylan because it supplies gut health benefits without the bloating or discomfort often associated with fiber supplements. You can confidently take up to 12g of Arabinoxylan a day without the worry of gastrointestinal (GI) stress.

How do we know? We tested it. Clinical trial results reveal no statistical differences in key GI tolerance indicators including gas, bloating, and nausea between those taking 12 grams of Arabinoxylan per day versus those taking a placebo.


Can your current prebiotic say the same?

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