How does Inner Life!™ benefit my microbiome?

Inner Life!™ benefits your microbiome by feeding the good bacteria that exists in your gut, allowing them to grow and thrive.  Your microbiome contains good and bad bacteria.  If you help the good bacteria grow, there will be less room for the bad.  That’s a good thing!

How is Inner Life!™ different than other prebiotic fibers?

Inner Life!™ is different because we use the prebiotic fiber arabinoxylan. It supplies gut health benefits at a dose of less than four grams per day.

In addition, arabinoxylan is exceptionally well-tolerated and gentle on the gut. It supplies prebiotic fiber benefits without the unwanted bloating or discomfort often associated with fiber supplements.

What type of good bacteria does Inner Life!™ support?

The type of good bacteria Inner Life!™ promotes is bifidobacteria. 

Will Inner Life!™ cause GI distress (bloating, etc…)?

Inner Life!™ will not cause GI distress, including bloating.  Click here for an overview of our clinical test results.

How is it gluten free?

The arabinoxylan prebiotic fiber that is used in Inner Life!™ comes from upcycled wheat stalks.  Gluten comes from the wheat “grain” NOT the “stalk”.  But just to make sure, we use independent labs to test at different points of production.  The first test occurs after the arabinoxylan is extracted.  The second test occurs after we mix the arabinoxylan with the other ingredients to make Inner Life!™.  Enjoy worry free!

How is the product produced?

In order to extract the arabinoxylan from the wheat stalks, we have a patented process that uses steam, pressure, and filtration.  After the product is filtered, we dry the arabinoxylan into a powder.  Then we simply mix it with the other ingredients, put it in the package and give it to you to enjoy.

How many servings per package?

There are 15 single serve sticks that are perfect for at home or on-the-go.

Is there caffeine in Inner Life!™?

There is less than 3mg of caffeine in this product.  It comes from a natural tea flavoring.

What is upcycling?

Upcycling means that we take wheat stalks that would be wasted after harvest, and extract nutritional value out of them to make arabinoxylan and Inner Life!™.  This means we are reducing food waste and creating our product without having to use any additional land or resources to grow our fiber.

Are there any artificial sweeteners, colors or preservatives?

There are no artificial sweeteners, colors, or preservatives in Inner Life! ™.  We use Monk Fruit and Stevia as our sweeteners. 

Is shipping free?

Yes, shipping is free for 5-7 day delivery. But if you have to have your Inner Life!™ sooner, we understand! In this case there is a $5.00 charge for 2 day delivery.

Are there other flavors or products?

New flavors are coming soon.  If you have any recommendations for future flavors, send us a note at customerservice@comet-bio.com.  We would love to hear from you.

When will I notice results?

Everyone’s microbiome is different.  Individual experiences will vary.  But the probiotics that are already in your gut will enjoy the arabinoxylan with each drink.

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